Starz Re-Airing Seasons 1 and 2 of Outlander


We are barely a month into the Droughtlander of 2016 … but if you’re like us, you’re already missing Outlander incredibly.  Have no fear lads and lasses, Starz is offering some relief!

Over the next few weeks, you can rewatch season ones and two of Outlander on Starz Cinema.  Here’s the schedule:

Monday, August 1

8pm – Sassenach
9pm – Castle Leoch

Tuesday, August 2

8pm – The Way Out
9pm – The Gathering

Wednesday, August 3

8pm – Rent
9pm – The Garrison Commander

Thursday, August 4

8pm – The Wedding
9pm – Both Sides Now

Monday, August 8

8pm – The Reckoning
9pm – By The Pricking Of My Thumbs

Tuesday, August 9

8pm – The Devil’s Mark
9pm – Lallybroch

Wednesday, August 10

8pm – The Watch
9pm – The Search

Thursday, August 11

8pm – Wentworth Prison
9pm – To Ransom A Man’s Soul

Monday, August 15

8pm – Through a Glass, Darkly
9pm – Not in Scotland Anymore
10pm – Useful Occupations and Deceptions

Tuesday, August 16

8pm – La Dame Blanche
9pm – Untimely Resurrection
10pm – Best Laid Schemes …

Wednesday, August 17

8pm – Faith
9pm – The Fox’s Lair
10pm – Je Suis Prest

Thursday, August 18

8pm – Prestonpans
9pm – Vengeance Is Mine
10pm – The Hail Mary

Friday, August 19

8pm – Dragonfly in Amber

Enjoy the rewatch, Outlander fans!

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